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Double Wood Choline (CDP Choline) supports healthy choline levels, memory, and cognitive function. This potent and cost-effective supplement enhances acetylcholine production, aiding in learning, memory recall, and problem-solving abilities.

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Double Wood Magnesium Glycinate is a premium supplement designed to provide optimal magnesium benefits, particularly for enhancing sleep quality. Magnesium is an essential mineral and one of the most commonly found electrolytes in the body, crucial for various physiological functions. Despite its abundance in many foods, magnesium deficiencies are common in the Western diet. Magnesium Glycinate, also known as Magnesium Biglycinate, is a form of magnesium bound to glycine molecules, offering several health benefits:

  • Supports Healthy Sleep Quality: The combination of elemental magnesium and glycine makes Magnesium Glycinate the best form of magnesium for supporting sleep. Glycine is known for its relaxing properties, which help improve sleep quality.
  • Highly Bioavailable: Magnesium Glycinate is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness.
  • Essential Mineral: Addresses common magnesium deficiencies, supporting overall health and well-being.

Key Features:

  • Sleep Support: Enhances sleep quality by combining the relaxing effects of glycine with the benefits of magnesium.
  • High Absorption: Highly bioavailable form ensures optimal magnesium levels in the body.
  • Essential Electrolyte: Supports various physiological functions and addresses magnesium deficiencies common in the Western diet.

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A conservative dosage estimate when taking CDP Choline as a general nootropic supplement is to take 1-2 300mg capsules in the morning. This dosage can be repeated in the afternoon if necessary. While there is no real consensus on an optimal dose, and no health organizations have provided any dosage guidelines it is generally not recommended to exceed a dosage of 1200 mg per day.

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Double Wood CDP Choline – 60 Caps

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