Practitioner-Only Products

Restricted Access Notification

You’ve reached a page featuring products that are designated as Practitioner-Only. These products represent the pinnacle of quality and efficacy in nutritional supplementation. Due to their potent nature and targeted application, access to these products has been explicitly limited by the manufacturers themselves. This ensures that they are used appropriately and effectively under professional guidance. Let us explain why this is important and how it benefits you.

What Are Practitioner-Only Supplements?

Practitioner-Only supplements are therapeutic-grade products developed to meet specific health conditions and nutritional needs. They are distinguished not only by their high quality but also by the manufacturers’ commitment to ensuring these supplements are accessed and administered with professional oversight.

Why Is Access Restricted?

  • Manufacturer Standards: The restriction is a testament to the quality and potency of these supplements. Manufacturers limit access to ensure that their use is aligned with best health practices and outcomes.
  • Personalised Care: Health and well-being are profoundly personal. Practitioner-Only supplements require a tailored approach to ensure they are perfectly suited to your health profile.
  • Safety and Efficacy: Professional guidance is crucial for these potent supplements to avoid potential interactions and ensure they are used effectively for your specific health needs.

What Practitioner Only Brands do you stock?

We stock Metagenics, Bioceuticals, Bioceuticals Clinical, Orthoplex Green and White. RN Labs, and Bioclinic Naturals.

Unlocking Access Through Professional Guidance

To access these exclusive products, we invite you to book a 20-Minute Consultation with Steve Ward, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner, from Fairfield Nutrition.

During this consultation, we’ll:

  • Review Your Health Needs: Discuss your individual health goals, conditions, and any medications you’re currently taking.
  • Provide Tailored Recommendations: Offer personalised supplement recommendations, including Practitioner-Only options that cater specifically to your health objectives.
  • Clarify Your Questions: Address any questions you may have about supplements, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes to enhance your health.

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