Seeking Health ProBiota Bifidobacterium ( Formerly probiota bifido) – 60 Caps


Seeking Health ProBiota Bifidobacterium, previously known as ProBiota Bifido, is a potent probiotic supplement delivering 12 billion CFUs of Bifidobacterium strains, targeting gut health and immune support without the inclusion of lactobacillus, making it suitable for those sensitive to this strain.

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Seeking Health ProBiota Bifidobacterium offers a targeted approach to enhancing gut health. This supplement contains a blend of seven Bifidobacterium strains, including Bifidobacterium longum, bifidum/lactis, infantis, lactis, and breve, offering a total of 12 billion CFUs. These strains are specifically chosen for their ability to reside in the mucosal lining of the small intestine, colon, and genitourinary tract, effectively aiding in the creation of a balanced intestinal environment.

This probiotic is distinguished by its bifido-only formula, deliberately excluding lactobacillus to cater to those who may experience sensitivities with this particular strain. Its benefits extend beyond gut health, contributing to a variety of physiological functions:

  • Regulating Immune System: Bifidobacterium strains in ProBiota Bifidobacterium can help modulate the immune system, potentially reducing the risk of infections.
  • Mental Wellness: These strains have shown potential in easing symptoms of depression through anti-inflammatory actions and regulating neurotransmitter synthesis.
  • Nutrient Absorption: They play a key role in enhancing the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.
  • Skin Health: Users may notice improvements in skin conditions, thanks to the gut-skin axis.
  • Metabolic Balance: Supporting healthy metabolism and possibly aiding in weight management.

Who May Benefit: This product is particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitivity to lactobacillus strains or those specifically seeking the unique benefits of bifidobacteria. It’s also suitable for those looking to support their gut health, immune system, and overall well-being through a balanced gut microbiome.

** The Therapeutic Goods Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you need further support, please work with a Functional Medicine practitioner at Fairfield Nutrition**

More Info

Are you concerned about your immune health? Are you sensitive to histamine? Do you not react as well to probiotics that contain lactobacillus?

ProBiota Bifido is a live bacteria bifido-only probiotic formula ideal for anyone who negatively reacts to lactobacillus.

This product is a specialized probiotic blend that includes 7 extensively researched bifidobacterium strains. These probiotic strains reside primarily in the mucosal lining of the small intestine and colon.

The immune system largely resides in the gut, and the live probiotic strains in this product support the body’s normal immune function in the presence of harmful bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.

Not all probiotic strains are the best match for your particular gastrointestinal tract. For some people, certain types of bacteria strains of lactobacillus or other types of microbes can produce histamine or other unwanted compounds.

Research on the intestinal tracts of healthy infants has shown that the majority of the microbes are made up of bifidobacteria. These gentle organisms support a calm and healthy gut microbiota to start us off right in life.

Healthy levels of bifidobacteria may support:

  • Healthy levels of beneficial organisms in the intestines
  • Digestive health and wellness
  • A normal balance of good bacteria during or after infections
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy metabolism and weight management
  • Normal blood sugar levels
  • Normal B vitamin levels
  • Healthy immune system responses

Find a natural calm and balance to your gut microbiome with this pure bifidobacterium formula, ProBiota Bifido.

he name bifidobacteria comes from its’ “Y” or biforked shape. Human health is tightly associated with the “health” of our microbes. The human birthing and breastfeeding process is filled with opportunities to feed beneficial organisms that will impart protection and nutrition on the child. For example, breastmilk contains a substance called human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). By volume, HMOs are the third largest substance found in mothers’ milk. However, it cannot be utilized by the child. When scientists researched HMOs, they found that they are not designed to be consumed by the child. They are formulated to feed specific bacteria of the bifidobacteria “family.” When those bifidobacteria are fed well, they flourish and make up the majority of the infant microbiota.

Bifidobacteria have a unique way of interacting with their environment, other organisms, and their hosts. Research has demonstrated that bifidobacteria have the ability to take carbohydrates that are indigestible by humans and turn them into beneficial substances. One of the most researched of these is called butyrate. Butyrate provides fuel for intestinal cells so they are healthy and maintain an intact intestinal barrier. Butyrate is absorbed by the body and appears to help support normal immune system function and metabolism. Higher levels of butyrate in the intestinal tract help support digestive tract health. Beyond this, bifidobacteria help assist the body by producing B vitamins, competing with pathogenic organisms, and training the immune cells in the intestinal tract to maintain a normal and healthy response when needed.

From infancy and beyond, adequate levels of bifidobacteria have been shown to support healthy metabolism, normal body weight, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy digestion and intestinal health, healthy B vitamin levels, and normal immune system responses. In addition, bifidobacteria have been shown to degrade non-digestible carbohydrates and produce beneficial compounds. Help support these processes today with ProBiota Bifido.


Suggested Use

As needed, take 1 capsule after dinner. Capsule may be opened and mixed into a bite of food. Use as directed by your healthcare professional.


Children and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use if full-bottle shrinkwrap is broken or missing.
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Seeking Health ProBiota Bifidobacterium ( Formerly probiota bifido) – 60 Caps

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