DAO Enzymes to Help with MCAS and Histamine Intolerance

Key Takeaways

  • Histamine intolerance and MCAS can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms, but understanding and addressing the root causes can help manage these conditions effectively.
  • DAO enzymes play a crucial role in breaking down histamine in the body, offering a natural solution to reduce histamine buildup.
  • Seeking Health products, like Probiotic Histamine X, can support histamine degradation and provide relief from symptoms.
  • Adopting a holistic approach through diet, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplements can significantly improve the quality of life for those with histamine intolerance and MCAS.
  • DAO enzyme supplements in Australia  are now more accessible, providing local solutions for managing histamine intolerance and MCAS.

Understanding Histamine Intolerance and MCAS

Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance occurs when there is an excessive accumulation of histamine in the body due to an imbalance between histamine ingestion/production and its breakdown. Symptoms of histamine intolerance can include headaches, digestive issues, skin irritation, and respiratory problems. Common causes include genetic factors, dietary habits, and impaired function of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) which processes histamine in the gut.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) is a condition where mast cells release excessive amounts of chemicals like histamine, leading to chronic allergic-like symptoms. These can include flushing, hives, abdominal pain, and anaphylaxis. MCAS is often triggered by stress, infections, or certain foods and medications, making it closely related to histamine intolerance.

Functional Medicine Approach to Histamine Intolerance and MCAS

From a Functional Medicine perspective, and our experience in our clinic, managing histamine intolerance and MCAS involves identifying and addressing underlying causes such as genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and dietary habits. A comprehensive approach includes:

  • Dietary Modifications: Avoiding high-histamine foods and incorporating low-histamine, nutrient-rich foods which support the enzymes that clear histamine from the body.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Reducing stress, ensuring adequate sleep, and staying hydrated.
  • Targeted Supplementation: Using specific supplements to support histamine breakdown and overall health.
  • Improving Gut Health: Can help reduce the release of histamine.

Role of DAO Enzymes in Managing Histamine Levels

What are DAO Enzymes?

Diamine oxidase (DAO) enzymes are crucial for breaking down histamine in the digestive tract. Histamine is a compound involved in local immune responses, regulating physiological functions in the gut, and acting as a neurotransmitter. When histamine levels become excessive due to low DAO activity, symptoms of histamine intolerance or MCAS can occur.

How DAO Enzymes Help with Histamine Intolerance and MCAS

DAO enzymes help degrade histamine, preventing its accumulation and reducing related symptoms. Supplementing with DAO enzymes can enhance the body’s ability to manage histamine, particularly in individuals with histamine intolerance or MCAS. This approach is part of a broader Functional Medicine strategy to balance histamine levels and support overall health.

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Other Recommended Supplements

Probiotic Histamine X

Probiotic Histamine X by Seeking Health is formulated to support histamine degradation. This product contains specific probiotic strains that help maintain a healthy gut environment and reduce histamine levels. Regular use can alleviate symptoms associated with histamine intolerance and MCAS.

  • High Quality Multivitamin: Provides essential nutrients that support overall metabolic processes, including histamine metabolism.
  • Vitamin C: Helps stabilise mast cells and reduce histamine release.
  • Quercetin: A natural flavonoid that helps stabilize mast cells and reduce histamine release, providing additional support for managing histamine levels.

These supplements can work synergistically with DAO enzymes to manage histamine levels effectively.

Practical Tips for Managing Histamine Intolerance and MCAS

Dietary Recommendations

  • Avoid high-histamine foods: Such as aged cheeses, fermented foods, alcohol, and certain fish.
  • Include low-histamine foods: Such as fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and non-processed meats.

Lifestyle Adjustments

  • Stress management: Incorporate relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and regular exercise.
  • Adequate sleep: Ensure a consistent sleep schedule and create a restful sleep environment.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to support metabolic processes.

Monitoring and Testing

  • Professional guidance: Work with a healthcare professional on recommended testing and to create a personalised management plan.

Managing histamine intolerance and MCAS effectively requires a comprehensive approach that includes dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplementation. DAO enzymes play a vital role in breaking down histamine and can significantly alleviate symptoms.

For personalised advice and a tailored health strategy, consult with a Functional Medicine practitioner, including Stephen Ward available at Fairfield Nutrition.

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